Do you have a horse crazy friend or partner and want to find them the perfect gift? Look no further, we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for equestrians from cowgirls to dressage queens there is something to make everyone happy. 

I connected with some of my favourite brands to get you some awesome discount coupon codes too, so make sure you check out all the gift ideas below. 

First off… there are some golden rules you need to know when it comes time to buying the best horse gifts:

  • Every horse has a colour – this is a colour that has nothing to do with the horse itself, and is a colour chosen by the horsey person. Think that blanket looks best in purple? Think again. Horse crazy folk love to colour match their horses and buy everything all in one colour. We rarely sway from our chosen colour, so it’s important to get the colour choice right. If you don’t know the right colour, ask or stick with a gift where colour isn’t a factor (like the Pivo). DON’T buy an item in a “neutral” colour instead…. This is a big no no. Get the right colour, or don’t get it. 
  • Every horse has a discipline(s) – it’s important to know what your horse crazy pal does with their horse. There is a big difference between barrel racers and hunter ponies. There are some super cute socks, sweaters, etc with horse images on them, but if you don’t know the discipline it’s best to steer clear of any images with a horse being ridden or jumping. At the very least it’s good to know if your horsey pal does English (no horn on the saddle, think jumping or dressage) or Western (horn on the saddle, think cowboys and cowgirls). 
  • Horse owners are proud of their horse – find out what breed your horsey pal’s horse is or if it’s a rescue. Horse folks love to share the stories about their horses and are darn proud of it. They have a Mustang, Thoroughbred, Warmblood, Quarter Horse, Rescue? You can bet they will love anything that shows this piece of info off – sweater, socks, bumper sticker, key chain, heck even tea towels. 

Now that you understand some ground rules, let’s give you…

10 best gifts for Horse Crazy Pals:

  • Pivo: a personal cameraman 
    • This super cool tech device sits on a tripod and holds your phone. It uses an app on your phone and will film you. I can follow you, zoom in and out, and it comes with a handy remote to stop and record. Every horse person loves having video and pictures with their horses. This is a super easy device to use, quick set up, lasts for hours, and is the most affordable video tracking device giving the best value. Make sure to get the “silver” option as it can handle the faster speeds for cantering and jumping. The “red” is only good for walk/trot. Get a Pivo here: 
  • ThinLine the best in comfort
    • Horse people truly care about their horses, we want the best comfort and best protection for our horses. ThinLine products offer an impact protection foam that helps absorb bounce which saves our horse’s back and can make for a more comfortable ride. 
    • The English cotton half bad or the Western cotton liner are super handy, shimmable, machine washable, and your horsey pal can still use their favourite coloured pad with these liners so you don’t need to worry about colour. 
    • My personal favourite is the bareback pad, it seriously is the best thing ever. It can make my bounciest horse seem smooth and rideable, it is absolutely crazy amazing! Use code LPartridge for 15% off, ends 12/31/2020 ($50 minimum, cannot be combined with other codes.)
    • Canadians go here  US go here
  • Tapestry Comfort Girth
    • This is a new patented girth technology that lets the horse breathe and move more comfortably as they ride. They make girths for English, Western, Dressage, and Ponies. You’ll need to know the size and discipline before ordering one. Horse owners love giving their horse the best and they will definitely appreciate one of these top of the line girths. Use code HARMONY10 for 10% off
  • Espana Silk Natural Grooming Products
    • Horse owners want their horses to look and feel their best, but don’t want to put products on their horses that will cause irritations or allergies. This product line offers safe, natural, and soothing products. From whitening shampoos to bug sprays, there is something for everyone. My personal favourites are the Antiseptic topical spray that I use as a top spray, cleaner, and to help my horse smell amazing. I also use the shampoo and conditioner for myself because I love it so much! Use code HarmonyHorsemanship for 10% off and you’ll get a bonus free travel size refillable Espana product in your order. 
  • Zyia Active Wear
    • Being comfortable, having pants that don’t get fur stuck to them, with cell phone pockets, stretchy, and that can pass the “squat” test are all important for barn wear. Zyia Active Wear is athletic wear with some fun prints, comfortable styles, and are practical for horse around. Check them out at 
  • Ribbon Wand
    • This is a fun tool to use for confidence building and desensitatization with horses, plus they come in some super cool colours…. Remember to know your colour before ordering! Use code Lindsey10 for 10% off.
  • Fusion Halter
    • The trainability of a rope halter, the convenience and safety of a leather halter, and you can use it for riding bitless or in hand work. They come in a lot of different colours – make sure you know your colour before ordering! 
  • Horse Hair Jewelry
    • Lot’s of different options including rings, earrings and bracelets where you can send in some of your horse’s mane or tail to be used in the jewelry for a truly unique and memorable piece. 
  • Custom Horse Socks and Apparel
    • You can actually upload a photo of your horsey pal’s horse and have their picture appear as artwork on pajamas, socks, and tons of other ideas. There is the traditional photo gifts like mugs and calendars, and then there is totally comfy and cool socks and pj’s! So many fun options and affordable pricing at 
  • The Ribbon Wand
    • This is a fun training tool that can be used to help build confidence and use something soft with your horse. They come in lots of fun colours and add and nice touch to riding or ground work. Use coupon code Lindsey10 for 10% off at 
  • Online Learning 
    • No matter how much we know about horses, there is always more to know. The gift of online learning has never been easier. There are so many options for online equestrian learning. You can purchase gift certificates or an online course and transfer it to your horsey pal. Check out