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You can spot Lindsey at the following events! Stay tuned for more dates.

July 2023

Event: Tricks & Liberty Tricks

Location: Harford Equestrian Centre Bel Air MD
Date: Sept 23 & 24, 2023
Register & More Info: Call or Text Ann Hanlin 443-604-3841

Event: In Person Event: Become the Centre of Your Horse’s Universe

Host Name: Partridge Horse Hill
Pontypool, Ontario, Canada

Start Date: August 3-6, 2023

This the best workshop to make a huge impact on the relationship and connection with your horse. If you’ve been wanting to develop more relaxation, trust, confidence, and want to experience the success of Harmony Horsemanship – this is the weekend for you.

This 5 day course is being truncated into 4 extended days to help maximize your stay.

BCOYHU is a prerequisite course for becoming a Harmony Horsemanship Instructor.

Students and Instructor applicants can take their test at the end of the course for certification.

Day 1: It’s all about calm connection and ABCs on the ground – learning how to establish passive leadership, and cause your horse to be relaxed and focused on you on the ground – even if there are distractions.  Learn all 6 calm connection exercises, and 8 ABCs. 8:30am-4:30pm

Day 2: Liberty using the HH no tools approach, and riding with Calm Connection. You’ll learn the 6 join up games that don’t involve whips or chasing. We’ll also start riding the calm connection exercises so we can take our new solid ground partnership into the saddle learning all 6 calm connection exercises in the saddle. 8am-5pm

Day 3: Riding ABCs and Building Confidence. We’ll learn how to ride the 8 ABC’s in the saddle and then use that language to be effective when we start Building Confidence in our horse. We’ll try some different obstacles and trust exercises that will strengthen our horse’s trust and connection with us. 8am-5pm

Day 4: Focusing on Refinement – includes some balance and posture work for your horse in hand, understanding “where do we go from here?”, and an opportunity for some “Lindsey time” having one on one instruction to get help with whatever you want. 8:30am-4pm


Event: In Person Event: Become the Centre of Your Horse’s Universe

Host Name: Partridge Horse Hill
Location: 211 Steep Way Rd Newfane, VT 05345
Start Date: August 25, 2023

Lindsey Partridge will be here again for the life changing “Become The Centre Of Your Horse’s Universe”. I absolutely love this clinic. It completely changed my relationship with horses and showed me how to build a relationship based on trust and communication. It makes what once seemed impossible…simple to obtain. This course will have the full content of the 5 day course in 4 longer days!

This course fills up fast so don’t hesitate to reserve a spot, you won’t be disappointed!

The 4 day total clinic cost INCLUDES a paddock w shelter for your horse and you can bring a friend to audit for FREE for a total of $1050 for the 4 days. You can bring your own horse or use one of mine for $100 extra. We have nine 12’ x 24’ paddock areas made out of round pen panels. A 12’ x 12’ section of the paddock is covered. There will be a larger paddock area w electric braid fencing and shelter available for any horses coming that can be turned out together (with another horse they know) and 2 stalls in the main barn available on a first come basis. We also have a turn out area that will be available for shared use. At the end of the clinic please make sure you leave your spot clean. Shavings do not need to be stripped, just your area clean and cleared of manure and hay.

The cost of the clinic also includes snacks and drinks for humans.

Just want to audit?

The cost to audit is $30 per day!

Register through email:


Event: In Person Event: Building Confidence with Obstacles

Host Name: Partridge Horse Hill
Pontypool, Ontario, Canada

Start Date: Sat Oct 28th, 2023

This day is dedicated to helping your horse become brave and confident with some new obstacles, but more importantly to help you understand how to build your horse’s confidence in a positive, safe way that builds your partnership, and keeps and wanting to learn more.

9am -4pm

Make it a full weekend and join us for the optional Obstacle Show on Sunday October 29


Event: In Person Event: Balanced Riding Workshop

Host Name: Partridge Horse Hill
Pontypool, Ontario, Canada

Start Date: Nov 25-26, 2023

9am-4pm each day with lunch 12-1pm

A weekend devoted to helping you and your horse develop your balance and core strength. Exercises at the walk, trot, and for those that are ready in the canter, to help build impulsion, collection, and balance.

We’ll start the day at 9am with classroom exercises to balance our bones and strengthen our core. Then we’ll bring our horses out for an in hand booty work out designed to naturally cause the horses to use their bodies better. In the afternoon we’ll focus on riding different balance exercises to improve our rhythm and connection through the saddle.

Ideal for participants that are riding walk/trot confidently on their own at a minimum – you do not need to canter for this workshop, however there will be the option to canter for those that are at that level.

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