Passionate about Liberty Work and Bridleless Riding

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Lindsey Partridge is dedicated to life-long learning and helping others connect with their horses.

She is an accomplished student, trainer, and competitor. She has been called ‘Canada’s Horse Whisperer’ by the Toronto Star and ‘The Queen of Thoroughbreds’ by The Rider. She is a Horse Human Relationship Expert.

Owner of Partridge Horse Hill, founder of Harmony Horsemanship™, President of Natural Horsemanship Association, and a Registered Nurse, Lindsey has been a Horse Wrangler for feature films, a champion at the 2015 and 2016 International Thoroughbred Makeovers, and won many awards and titles for Extreme Cowboy Racing, Jumpers, and Horse Training.

Author of Natural Horsemanship Answering the What, Why, and How for ALL Disciplines.

My Latest Blog

Mustang vs Thoroughbred Makeover

A Mustang vs Thoroughbred Makeover This week I hope to be getting my 2nd mustang for the Georgia TIP mustang training challenge (I will compete Sept 14/15 in Georgia). Since I am crazy pregnant with only about 4 weeks to go, some of my friends are arranging to pick up...

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Building Confidence – Part 2 Creating the Yes Response

Building a Horse’s confidence is often a popular topic – it makes total sense. Wouldn’t it be nice if your horse didn’t spook at the plastic bag blowing across the ground, the bird that flew out of the bush behind you, or the infamous corner of the arena that all the...

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Understand yourself, your horse and
language that connects you.

Experience and Accomplishments

Lindsey has experience and champion titles in many disciplines and training competitions. She also has a number of certifications and a bachelors degree.


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