Can we heal horses from the inside out? The answer is yes!

It is safe to say that every horse owner has encountered some mystery pain in their horse with no real reason or visible sign as to why they are in pain. 

There are many ways we can attempt to heal horses from the inside out, proper feeding practices, vet visits, etc. However, one surefire way to diagnose pain with no visible surface sign is with an Osteopath. Osteopathy is based on the principle that the well-being of an individual depends on their bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue functioning smoothly together ( Something interesting is not all Osteopathic school programs are the same. The path in which one would learn is different throughout schools, especially in some provinces of Canada. 

One Osteopath in particular who is based in Vermont has helped many horse owners and their horses. She completed her schooling in England with a focus on the reproductive system. In one experience working alongside a Veterinarian, the Osteopath went through the horse’s body alignment and spine. Based on what she saw in the movement and her assessment of all the different limbs and nerves, the Osteopath could accurately pinpoint where the Veterinarian should be looking and without fail they did. 

Osteopaths are able to detect potential internal issues that a Veterinarian may not be able to without first doing an ultrasound or X-rays. Having someone pinpoint a potential problem before having the Vet examine the horse from head to toe could save you a lot of money and the horse a lot of stress.

If you find your horse acting differently, feeling a little off or downright lame with no real obvious sign as to why. It is time to call an Osteopath to rule out any internal issues that can be fixed so that our horses can stay healthy and happy.

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